Our People

Our immediate objective was to push out the boundaries and create a shift in the way Reception Management was perceived.

To do this and deliver a new and innovative service to our Clients, we had to select and recruit hand-picked personnel, effectively specialists, their role is far more than the traditional “meet and greet” function – instead they become highly proficient and dynamic team members who have:

• Outstanding interpersonal skills

• Natural Initiative

• A Professional Image

• A “can do” approach

These same Concierge Receptionists provide us with not only the “face” at Reception, but also with one of the most vital ingredients – the Elite Team who support the front of house in the event of any form of absence, thereby allowing for the delivery of a seamless Service of the highest quality with demonstrable consistency.

Gender Pay Gap statement

Office Concierge aims to be a fair and progressive employer, and is committed to tackling inequality and promoting diversity. Our employment arrangements are aligned with all relevant equality legislation and codes of practice and are regularly monitored to ensure no discrimination or other unfairness occurs. Please review our Gender Pay Gap Report for more information.